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About Me

Here's a little bit about me and my writing experience

I have been writing fiction ever since I can remember.  I guess the real turning point was when my High School English teacher told me that he would see my name on the Best Sellers' list.  I guess I figured if he believed enough in my writing talent, I should too.
So though I went into college as undeclared, I became an English major, thinking that being a multi-million dollar best selling author was not too far away. Boy, was I naive.
Ever since I was nineteen I have been trying to get published and have had limited success.  Believe me, I have plenty of rejection letters, in fact, I'm almost smug about it.  But seriously, it seemed everytime I almost got published, the publishing company went under or closed.
After using several different agents who charged fees (boy have I learned my lesson on that), and not getting published, I gave up on trying to get an agent for my novels.*
So, getting tired of rejection, I found Hollis Books publishing house advertised on a writers website.  So I went with them for one of my earlier novels.  They published it, but being a subsidy press, there was not a lot of marketing for the book. I think I sold about 7 copies. Or maybe I made $7.00 from royalties.  I forget which.  Anyway, I'm still working at getting more novels published.  Though I admit, I'm not writing as much as I used to.  
So here I am with my website and a few stories that were rejected by the "real" publishers.  Just for those of you who find this discouraging, please do not as "Charlie's Problem" has gotten quite a few emails for me and a film student even used the story for his short film. So obviously, someone reads these things on the web.  Maybe someday it will be a "real" literary agent looking for someone to represent. 
Okay, enough dreaming.  I hope this brief bio has helped future writers out there.
* Refer to "Predators and Editors" or "Writer Beware" websites. I wish I had found these websites before I sent my novels out.