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M. L. Steger's Web Page

Welcome! Besides being a lover of pop-tarts and a Pinky and the Brain fan, I also love writing. This web site contains some of my short stories. Enjoy!

I have included four* of my short stories on this page, hopefully updating it every once in a while with a new story.
*A Bad Night in a German Tavern: When in a strange land, be careful where you wander.  

*Charlie's Problem: A story about things that go "bump" in the night.

We've Been Robbed: A humorous short story I wrote in a creative writing class.

Whistle in the Dark: Never underestimate the power of the salesman.
* These two stories are in my short story collection  "A Paranormal Menagerie".
I also published two children's book:

The Christmas Witch?

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Horror Happy Hour/Comics Forge Book Contest

*** SECOND PLACE WINNER in the Horror Happy Hour/Comics Forge writing contest****
See the above link.
I've recently had an ebook published in Kindle and in Nook format called "A Paranormal Menagerie - 7 Short Stories and 1 Novella".  I have always enjoyed scary stories ever since I was very young and I am a big fan of the old gothic style ghost stories. Not all of the stories in this book fit that description though.
Click on the link to the left entitled "Bad Night" to read the first story in my ebook or click one of the links below to buy the ebook on Kindle or Nook formats. The paperback is $10.75.  Hope you like it!

"A Paranormal Menagerie" on Amazon's Kindle

"A Paranormal Menagerie" on Barnes and Noble's Nook

Here's the paperback version of "A Paranormal Menagerie"

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Above is the cover to my book "Which Way to the Manor?" which is available from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble online stores. I love British comedy and this is my attempt and tribute to that kind of humor.

Click on the "Which Way to the Manor?" link to the left and read the first chapter of my book.
"Which Way to the Manor?" is now also available as an ebook.

Purchase "Which Way to the Manor?" from Barnes and Noble

Purchase "Which Way to the Manor?" from Amazon


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