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Friday, 21 September 2012

Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: Prices Going up on all my Ebooks after 2012
Topic: Self-Publish

After much soul searching and realizing that I may be underselling my books, I have decided to increase the pricing of my ebooks.

I have read several blogs about it and though I may not sell as many as I have been (which isn't a lot at the moment anyway), I have been thinking that I may have underpriced the ebooks.

My first ebook was a 262 page standard book size (I had it published with CreateSpace), and set the price at 99 cents due to it being my first attempt at self-publishing.  My second ebook I published was actually one that had been published in paperback already, "Which Way to the Manor?" I had started it at $1.99 and then put it down to 99 cents.  In fact, all following ebooks have been set to that price. 

Well, I have often thought I was underpricing my books, but I thought it would get more readers looking at them, but it doesn't seem to be the case, so, as other authors have done, I think I will change the prices to see how the ebooks sell with a higher price.

True, I can always set them as free and see if I can get them in front of more readers, but Amazon (Kindle)doesn't allow that, and neither does Barnes and Noble (Nook), (though I believe Smashwords does allow it). Besides, I would prefer to SELL my work rather than give it away.

 Besides I always have at least one or two short stories from my collections for people to read freely on my website.

Whether this works or not, only the future will tell, but I thought this would be fair warning to anyone interested in purchasing my ebooks that the price will be going up in 2013.

Posted by heymolo at 10:43 PM EDT

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