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Sunday, 5 June 2011
Who's story is it anyway, part 2
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Mad Scientist mode?
Topic: contemplative

So, the only response I got from any of those essay web sites is that one of them wants me to purchase an essay from them.  There was not response to my emails, and I fear they probably just ignored me, or worse, probably stealing more of my short stories for their essay web sites.

So I'm thinking about something I have wanted to do for a long time and become a mad scientist and do crazy stuff to these people - no not really, but I'm thinking, in this case "What would Pearl Forester do?" You know, the female mad scientist on MST3K. Boy, had I been a few years younger watching MST3K, I can't help thinking what an influence she would've been on me.

My whole outlook on life as well as what career path I took, could've been influenced by her. I would've paid more attention in my science classes and came away with a B.S. degree from college (instead of a B.A.). I might be working for NASA (I worked for a contractor for them briefly). I might of ... well, maybe my life wouldn't have changed all that much. MAYBE... I'm more like Pearl Forester than I want to admit! Maybe, deep down inside, I AM a mad scientist, and just don't realize it. Weird....

So, I'm not sure what to do with the essay web sites - perhaps, most of them have been abandoned and just haven't been taken down. I suppose mentioning them is a bad idea since they will just get more promotion. I just think that if you are taking other people's work and putting your name on it, there is a special place at the DMV for you. (After all, it is the gateway to hell, isn't it?)

Damn you, Joseph Levins!!!! (as I shake my clenched fist)

From now on, my motto will be "WWPFD?"

Posted by heymolo at 3:47 PM EDT

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